• Retail Business

    Nubiotic HK International has more than 100 retail service networks in 4 major Asia markets, including HKSAR, Macau, Mainland China and Singapore.

    In addition, the company's official shopping website http://www.hkshopyy.com, and shopping platforms such as HKTVmall, MangoMall, Strawberrynet, TLive provide 24-hour online retail services.

    In line with the new retail era, the company is actively integrating brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce businesses to create a seamless online and offline shopping experience for customers.

  • Brand management business

    In addition to selling branded products, the company is also the sole agent in China for a number of international skincare and nutritional food brands.

    Responsible for brand management, promotion and distribution of exclusive agency brands.

    The company is now the exclusive agent of brands, including Caprina (Canadian Fresh Goat Milk), Dongwon Red Ginseng, Dongwon NFC juice, Li'l Goat's (Canadian fresh goat colostrum), SISU, etc.

  • E-commerce business

    Because consumers of different generations will use different ways to absorb information, fast, convenient, 24-hour arrival and considering your product expectations to attract consumer groups.

    The company will deeply study the consumption habits of consumer groups, and understand and create the best strategies that can be applied to the Internet. Find solutions for each customer.